Projects Completed

Who We Are

ELEMEC GBC has extensive experience in a variety of major Project Management, Building Services, Energy and Sustainability projects in Cyprus and UK.

ELEMEC Engineering Consultants (ELEMEC) was founded in 1974 and is now considered as one of the most reputable MEP engineering firms in Cyprus.

GBC Energy Engineering Ltd (GBC) is a Chartered Buildings Consultancy, Chartered Building Services Engineers and Licensed BREEAM Accredited Professional and International Assessor firm, specialized in-house department for Project Management, Sustainable Building Designs, Sustainable Building Services, Energy and Sustainability consulting and design company. This was established in 2009, with the main aim of focusing on sustainable building designs, by completing the delivery of prestigious and sustainable projects.

In 2017 ELEMEC and GBC merged “having ELEMEC GBC as a Trade name” and successfully formed a robust and leading firm in the local Buildings Industry.

What We Do

We Create Better Living Environments in Buildings

The latest techniques from our Chartered Engineers, Chartered Construction Managers, Sustainability Experts and Researches in buildings, provide assured and successful management and consultation to the clients. ELEMEC GBC’s optimizes the building design, operation and cost-efficiencies of buildings, whilst also creating improved and superior living, working and learning environments.

Our company with an active ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 ensures consistent, quality assurance and control, as well as quality improvement in our services.

ELEMEC GBC - What we do

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with a tailor-made, extensive and high-quality service. We have evolved a unique team of experts who collaborate with affiliate partners and clients to deliver outstanding projects. Our unique solutions of commercial design are delivered with specified financial and programing parameters. A major focal point within our company is to develop sustainable developments to meet the challenge of climate change regulations, conditions and innovation.


Our vision is to become one of the lead worldwide in sustainable building designs engineering practice. We strongly believe that green buildings and “self energy” buildings need to become standard practice within the new generation. We see ourselves to be an agent of this revolution. Our vision and values targeted to attract the best experts in our field and in combination with our company green line to enable them apply innovation.

Our philosophy is to provide tailor made, extensive and high quality service to our Clients.


The latest techniques from our Chartered Engineers, Sustainability International Assessors, Lead Auditors and Researches in building services, low or zero carbon design, climate change strategies, passive building design, dynamic simulation, energy performance certificates “EPC”, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001, energy audit studies, life cycle cost assessments “LCCA”, Sustainability Assessments “BREEAM” and building services provides assured and successful consultation to the clients. ELEMEC GBC’s design optimizes operating and cost efficiencies, whilst creating better living, working and learning environments.