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Digital Engineering

Modern and complex building architecture as well as growing awareness and need for sustainability and energy reduction, creates an incredibly complex MEP building design.

ELEMEC GBC work with our clients to design sustainable new-build, retrofit and conversion buildings and developments with high performing systems. By using Building Information Modelling (BIM) we help our clients to create low energy and low maintenance innovative buildings that are affordable meet their needs.

We use BIM for the development of smart 3D models for our clients. They can effectively function in the lifecycle of their projects, from plan and design, to maintenance and operation, which successfully enables document management, coordination, and simulation.

ELEMEC GBC BIM capabilities include: Project visualization for the client through 3D walkthrough, 3D presentation and high-resolution photorealistic renderings. Computational building physics, simulations, optimisation and compliance with local and international regulations.A. 3D Multidisciplinary (architectural, mechanical, electrical and public health)
  1. 3D building modelling and coordination for:
    • 2D and 3D Drawing production according to the BIM execution plan and the required Level of Detail (LOD)
    • Smart schedules for all project deliverables
  2. 4D modelling to assist the client for the construction sequencing by enabling them to evaluate:
    • Project phasing
    • Construction planning
    • Equipment deliveries
  3. 4D modelling for the building lifecycle simulation, energy and certification simulation.
  4. 5D modelling of the project for quantity extraction and to create a detailed bill of quantities for fee evaluation and cost analysis.
  5. 6D value engineering performance modelling simulation of the systems and energy performance of the project
  6. 7D facilities management, life cycle BIM, post-commissioning, maintenance support plans, post occupancy evaluation, operation and maintenance costs
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