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Energy and Sustainability

A major point within our company is to develop sustainable projects that exceed in the regulations of climate change conditions and innovation.

ELEMEC GBC’s knowledge of alternative energy systems and techniques, is extensive, guided by the imperative need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from conventional sources and to find reliable and sustainable energy sources. The technical potential for sustainable and renewable energy is much greater and as a company we are involved in various unique projects to encourage its use further.

Our experts have a deeper understanding of the sustainability triple bottom line, (that include social, environmental and economic factors), and legislation. Our energy and expertise in sustainability services surpasses the legislation and combines a deeper understanding of the sustainability triple bottom line. Furthermore, the designs of ELEMEC GBC’s aim to build an improved living environment that will consequently effect the health and productivity of people, while also maximize energy and cost savings.

Nevertheless, our methodical approach ensures delivery of high-quality schemes within the desirable budged and program of the clients, while also certifies an improved user comfort, reduced use of energy and optimization of economic returns. The main goal of ELEMEC GBC’s team and affiliate partners, is to integrate innovative ideas and technologies to have an “impact” on the lives and ways of thinking of their occupants.

Building Physics

Building physics is a basic understanding of the physics elements that are generated in the built environment. Building physics is a design discipline that deals primarily with the heat and moisture transport and air flow in building components and buildings, as well as understanding of physical properties of materials that affect buildings. Using advanced methods of analysis, in combination with our design creativity, ELEMEC GBC provides clients with buildings that effectively adapt to the climatic and environmental conditions of each area, function efficiently, are pleasant to occupy and economic to run. In striving to make a more sustainable design for the built environment, the team of ELEMEC GBC’s begins with assessment of the site, its macro and micro climatic conditions .It then assists the architects to establish the form and shape of buildings and to optimize the orientation for the utilization or rejection of the solar gain of buildings.

ELEMEC GBC - Building Physics
Simultaneously, we concentrate on natural ventilation techniques and free cooling as well as the exploitation of natural lighting. This is done in a way that meets the needs and design aspirations of our clients. Comfort is a key principle for the success of building design in our company. Understanding the impact that design changes can have on both psychological elements and environmental factors that affect human comfort, we target on thermal, visual, acoustic comfort and air quality, which can improve the health, well-being and productivity of people. For the optimization of building design at the initial stages, ELEMEC GBC’s chartered engineers and researchers use appropriate software’s and dynamic simulations.
  • BREEAM Assessments
  • Energy Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Energy Optimization Analysis
  • Integrated Energy Audit
  • Low Energy HVAC Systems
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Regulations and Compliance
  • Renewable Energy Generation
  • Stand Alone Systems Design
  • Water Recycling, Conservation & Harvesting
  • 3D Dynamic Simulation Modellings
  • Building Fabric Performance
  • Computation fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Daylight and Shading Assessments
  • Moisture and Condensation Risk Assessment
  • Passive design strategies
  • Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality Assessment
  • Weather Data Analysis